Project Services

We offer a range of digital asset services to project teams.

Pre-ICO Advisory & Assistance

We will work with you to create or review an engaging whitepaper, the 'tokenomics' and website material to ensure they clearly articulate the problem and your unique solution. Ensuring this resonates with your target audience.

Community Engagement

Allow us to be your voice to the thousands of interested parties on your social media sites. We have skilled and trusted telegram/discord admins available all over the world to provide 24x7 coverage. First impressions count.

Access to other institutional & accredited investors

Work with the team that has years of experience and contacts in the VC, technology and blockchain sectors. Where required (or requested), we can introduce our strategic partners who provide niche services that may benefit your project.

Media Services

We offer a range of digital asset media services.

Owned media outlet

We use our brand to release unbiased opinions on digital assets. The website receives up to 10,000 hits per day from an interested and motiviated audience.

Site Visit Reports

The provides a unique and highly influentional 'site visit report' service for projects. We come to your site and provide an independent third party report on the state of the development of your project for the community.

Major news co-ordination

We work with a number of external high profile digital asset and general technology media outlets. Allow us to manage your community outreach or major announcement via the appropriate channel for your requirements.


Projects we have invested and/or advised:
Zebi Chain

Zebi Chain (ZCO)

Big Data Infrastructure

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network (MAN)

Artificial Intelligence

Apex Network Blockchain

Apex Network Blockchain (CPX)

Business to Consumer Engagement

Republic Protocol

Republic Protocol (REN)

Decentralised Dark Pool


Thekey (TKY)

Identification Verification

Exim Chain

EXIM Chain (EXC)

Supply Chain Financing


UChain (UCN)

Peer to Peer Platform


OneLedger (OLT)

Cross Ledger Development


Emotiq (EMTQ)

Scalable, Private, Natural Blockchain

Harmony Protocol

Harmony Protocol

Open Consensus for 10B people X2X (X2X)

Next Generation Privacy

High Performance Blockchain

High Performance Blockchain (HPB)

Accelerated Blockchain Consensys


Litecoin (LTC)

Digital Cryptocurrency

It was a pleasure to work with the guys at Crypital.


Take a closer look into our amazing team.
Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander

Managing Director

Ben identifies high potential digital asset projects and incubates them to ensure their ideas are appropriately brought to market and managed throughout their initial growth phase.

Renee Alexander


Renee has a background in academic mathematics and has been applying her knowledge of this discipline more recently as a software engineer.

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